Intrepid means being fearless who against dangers. And that’s just what entrepreneurs, CEOs and managers with people in charge are.

An intrepid is a dreamer by nature. Someone who is able to get exposed to whatever it takes to reach his goal.

Intrépida says a lot about us. We are a brave, determined, self-sufficient agency, which has such a fighting past, that nothing and no one has managed to stop it even in the most difficult moments.

Intrepid is an evolution of Beanet. A step forward as a team, because we are no longer just a person, now we are a team and we continue to maintain our values of honesty, closeness, pedagogy, fulfillment and commitment.

The Intrépida Agency was born right in the midst of chaos and has chosen not to be part of it. Intrépida is light – for the entrepreneur, the CEO, the manager – in the darkness of ‘infoxication’. In the era of information overload, it is essential to know who to trust.

We could say that Intrépida seeks to reach the goals and KPIs previously formulated by our clients, but no. We are bored of hearing this. In reality, goals being reached is something we assume will be achieved.

In reality, Intrépida wants:

  • Find authenticity and uniqueness for each company and brand, because each of them has its own identity and we want to make them shine.
  • Keep in mind that each of our projects is aimed at people, all different. We want to help them to know and connect with them. This is strategic marketing, but also sociology, pedagogy, philosophy and psychology (and common sense).
  • Challenge business routinebecause we look for new challenges without eliminating what works from the traditional.
  • Generate creative thinking because “passion and curiosity are weapons of mass construction” (Bertrand Tavernier).
  • Living in a society of ‘hyperaction’, lightness and essentially cost cuts, we advocate giving the worker back the time he/she deserves and that allows him to achieve the entrepreneur’s dream. Dreams are achieved if we give the necessary time and dedication. Dreams are achieved if we are motivated, if we are rested, if we see beyond our screens, if we LIVE in capital letters.
  • Our own fearless identity is in its DNA, multicultural, egalitarian DNA without artifice or demagogy. Here at Intrépida, we don’t need to show off agreeableness, we know very well who we are and what we want for a society based on mutual respect and for our surroundings. Here we work as a team with the time it takes, the salary we set is not arguable, the laughter and harmony in our team are assured and the commitment to fulfill each project is reflected in each of our actions.

Welcome Intrepid! Welcome dreamers.

We hope to go a long way together full of success.

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