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Throughout this section, Intrépida wants to share the good times with its people, collaborators, clients…

We want to extend the good vibes that we share and make you have a good time listening and learning about the content we will be uploading.

Enjoy the Tapas Intrépidos!

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Podcast 9

Artificial Intelligences applied to advertising creativity

Hello Intrépidos! This time we have a few beers with Santiago Uribe, our brand strategist and specialist in innovation and creativity.

Santiago comes to explain what Artificial Intelligences (AI) are and how we can apply them in advertising creativity.

Listen carefully to his explanations! We hope you like this episode as much as we do.

Podcast 8

How to set up a successful ad campaign

Intrepid, today we have a few beers with our colleague and partner, Alejandro Palma, a specialist in Meta Campaigns.

Alex comes to explain to us what these campaigns consist of; to what kind of projects it is advisable to integrate an ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram; and how to implement a successful ad campaign.

Stay tuned for his answers and tips! We hope you like it.

Podcast 7

Why a professional coach is necessary

Today we had a few beers with our friend and client, Azucena Mayordomo, coach and founder of Azucena Management Training.

Often companies, CEOs, and ultimately, managers, have certain uncertainties and frustrations in their daily lives that do not allow them to achieve their goals due to the stress involved in their positions. Therefore, Azucena comes to share with us what are the most important reasons to have a professional coach and thus improve your productivity and that of your team.

Stay tuned for her answers and her services because we are sure you will be interested in them! We hope you like it.

Podcast 6

What is the implementation of the intrepid packs on your website about?

Intrépidos, today we drink a few beers with our colleague and partner, Fidel Portillo Cruces,  technology and web development scientist.

Fidel joins us to explain what the set-up of the website is all about, one of the services we offer at Intrépida, as part of the intrepid packs.  Https://agenciaintrepida.com/promocion-marketing-pack-intrepido/

Pay attention to his answers because they are so interesting! We hope you like it.

Podcast 5

Tips for the intrepid overwhelmed by the stress of work

Today we have with us Ángeles Delgado, a psychologist from the Martínez Wallin Clinic, one of our most precious clients, for many years.

Ángeles comes to give us a few tips for all those intrepid people who feel overwhelmed by the stress of work.

For this reason, today we have some beers with her, because she is specialized in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, etc. And we should all let ourselves be advised by a specialist from time to time.

Listen carefully to her advice! we hope you like it

Podcast 4

Maxon, high presicion motor systems world leader

Intrépidos, in this episode, we’ll go Tapas hunting with our client Marta Vega, Head of Marketing at Maxon Spanish headquarters, world leader in high precision motor systems.

Marta will share with us her daily experience at Maxon, what Marketing services she asked Intrépida for, what difficulties they faced upon their social media launch and other stuff you can’t miss! 

Be aware of this content, for you might be experiencing the same doubts or difficulties they faced going live and listening to Marta might help you, also to know her business better.

Podcast 3

How to break basic barriers for the self-employed entrepreneur

We have today with us Beatriz Padilla, our Big Bang, our Mothership, our Big Kahuna. In other words, Founder and CEO of Intrépida.

Bea is a Digital Marketing expertand relentless in the search of better results for our clients. If someone could make Agencia Intrépida, it had to be her.

That’s why today we go tapas hunting with her, because thanks to her expertise, she can talk about braking the basic barriers of self-employed entrepreneurship.

Listen intently! Hope you like it.

Podcast 2

Description of the importance of brand message

Intrepid, today we’ll go Tapas Hunting with Bea, Intrépida’s CEO, Brii, Marketing Assistant and Mana Perales, our colleague and Creative Manager, who has worked for more than 15 years in top agencies.

Mana will discuss the importance of the message for Brands, so get ready and take notes! 

Hope you like it.

Podcast 1

Reasons to use WordPress vs. other systems

Welcome to all our intrepid!
Today we launch the first section of our Podcast, Tapas with Intrépidos, with our colleague Fidel Portillo, Technology and Web Developing Specialist.

Fidel is here to tell us about his motivation for using WordPress instead of other systems, is WordPress safe.

Listen to his answers! Hope you enjoy.