MARKETING, Brand and Web Design

19th code

Never shut up!

A young clothing and accessories line for non-conformist, with the natural sensibility on the defence of human rights and love for urban sports starts its path in the urban fashion industry. 

For 19th Code we created its name based on the 19th Article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, logo and isologo represented by a skull, a scream for freedom of speech.

For the 19th Code Team we developed a complete Brand Style Manual, clothing design and above all else, a Digital Marketing training work, distribution strategy development and pricing analytics.

Bel, Brii, Ismael, Mana, Mario, Alex, Fidel and Bea, we’ve analyzed, audit and shared the best techniques, strategies and decisions for this young Company that’s taking the market by storm.

19th Code is our “nurtured child”. We participated in its birth and we love EVERYTHING about it. Although we know beginnings to be very difficult, with good strategic moves, together we’ll achieve its positioning in the modern market, streetwise, fresh, engaged, honest and young as it very well deserves. NEVER SHUT UP!