Classical music avalaible to all canaty islands citizens

The Cultural Association Resonancias was born as a response to the motivation of extraordinary musicians (David Ballesteros, violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra, Javier Lenis, pianist and professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Canarias, and Macarena Pesutic, violist with the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Canarias) to make classical music available to all types of audiences in that particular geographical area of the Canary Islands. To do this, they operate as a cultural association.

They turn to Intrépida with the aim of designing the social media plan that they must submit for the concession of a grant from the Canary Islands Institute of Cultural Development of the Canary Islands Government .

This social media plan serves as a blueprint for the management of the promotion of concerts but also lays the foundations for all the marketing activity throughout the year 2022 and the future of an association that we hope will live a long life.

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