Digital transformation guide


Transforming child care

FICE Spain is a network of social organizations committed to the real exercise of Children’s Rights as defined by the United Nations and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, focusing on children and adolescents living in vulnerable situations, as well as their families.

For FICE we have designed the digital guide based on certain contents. In addition, we have developed all the graphic design for the guide in Webapp plus the programming of the same, taking into account that it must be in Catalan, Galician and Basque.


On November 24, 2023 at the Cibernarium Auditorium in Barcelona took place the SocialDigital Day, which culminated with the presentation of the Digital Guides where a visual preview of the features of the web-app type guide, developed by us, the Intrepid Agency, was offered.

To relive every moment of this enriching day, we invite you to explore the entire journey on YouTube.

Immerse yourself in the conversations, presentations and ideas that marked a milestone in the convergence of technology and social action!



Here are some of the photos we were able to take at the FICE Transformed Lives Day of TIC Impulsa 3: when they presented the drafts of the Digital Guide and another photo with Estela from Asociación Vasija and Mariela from ACS Te acompañamos.