Market research and digital marketing

Punto De Origen

A gastronomic journey

Punto De Origen is a restaurant specializing in gastronomic travel, as its dishesstreed food from different continents and its fusion cuisine, complement each other so that diners can travel anywhere in the world without leaving the table. They are unique in the Dagazo de Arriba area!

For the Punto De Origen restaurant, we focused on the foundations of the brand. So the first phase was to conduct a market study of the competition.

After the research, we took action by implementing the necessary strategies for the next phase, such as the registration in new directories, surveys with QR code to customers…

We have also implemented marketing actions, both offline and online, among which we have developed the professional design of a flyer and its subsequent mailing action. Among some of the online actions, there is the continuous work on social networks, design of online menus for the weekly menu, cocktail menu, event posters, etc.

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Flyer design for Punto De Origen: