Ostiopathy and kinesiology center

Shambala is a center for osteopathy, kinesiology, chiromassage and sports massage where the physical, emotional and mental are the areas in which the person must be treated as a whole.

Shambala´s challenge is to attract customers from the area of Ventas from Madrid and its sourronding districts. For this, we have designed an outbound strategy, implementing different marketing actions, both offline and online, among which, we have developed the professional design of a flyer, with a special promo aimed at new prospects, with a renewed corporate image and its subsequent mailing action. Among some of on-line actions is the implementation of SEM campaings in Google Adds.

As part of the inbound strategy, we are working on content in social networks, with a plan aimed at community growth and interaction.
Don´t forget to take your appointment calling at 646 831893.

shambala flyer