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Community development process

TETUÁN PARTICIPA is the public and open window of the Community Development Process the Tetuán, a group of people linked to the district to improve coexistence and quality of life. On its website you can learn about everything that is done from the Community Development Process of Tetuán and the Community Social Center of Tetuán and how to be a protagonist and participate in it.

Through IDEL Innovación y Desarrollo Local S.L. we developed the design of the Tetuán Participa en 2020 website. To this day we continue to take care of it with proper maintenance.

IDEL Innovación y Desarrollo Local is a consulting firm with more than 20 years of national and international experience, specialized in the Access and Management of European and Multilateral Funds, and in offering Global Solutions in several strategic business areas: Public Management, Sustainable Territorial Development, Smart Cities, Communication and Citizen Participation, Training, Education, Labor Market, Equality and Social Development and Innovation.