Brand and Web Design


Tailor made Coaching

For our CEO Bea, Mayte Tortosa, CEO, is her “Oracle of Wisdom”. She shared with us her experience taking a coaching course with them and as a result of the Focus mantra, she decided to start Intrépida.

Weekly intense sessions, brought her the level of awareness she needed to convince her partners and collaborators to create her dream Brand, which Mana Perales so poignantly named, Intrépida. Mana also provided the creative concept and copies for the website and launch of Yucoach.

Obviously, everything came as a result of a serious and contrasted study procured by a few dozen professionals and CEO that helped with their spot on insight. That’s how Yucoach learned so much more and achieved greater connection with its target audience. Now Yucoach has grown and succeeds in helping Managers and other Professionals from large Companies to reach their goals.

We are aware of how each and every one of them achieve this because of the fully prepared team ready to implement tailor made coaching.

You can see all of the images and copies that came as a result of our study and conceptual creativity development.