We decided to open a Pinterest account for Pavillion in Burgundy because we wanted to offer a very visual channel for the already existing online community. Besides, that allowed us to get links to the url of every item, which increases the store traffic and the sales possibilities. Last, Pinterest allows the user to purchase the item, add a picture wearing it and share the experience.

To open a Pinterest account we have to realise what we want to communicate with our images and how the app works.

This app allow us to create Boards, and save Pines in them. The Boards encompass the main idea and the Pines are images related to the name we chose for our Board.

Our client Pavillion in Burgundy is a national and international fashion wholesale company with style and quality, so we could replicate the website categories as Boards. www.pavilionburgundy.es or the campaigns’ names we designed for this client.

Steps to open and set up a Pinterest account

We can open a personal Pinterest account and connect it to Google, Facebook or through email and password.

But for our client, Pavillion in Burgundy, we will set up a free Business Pinterest account through email and password instead of through Google. This way, we can manage it as an agency.

Once we have registered, it gives us the option of putting a cover image on the same home page. The image we have chosen corresponds to the new autumn-winter campaign: OH!

If you’re looking at this post and you’re a clothing retailer, don’t miss the most outstanding items from Pavilion in Burgundy for this fall-winter!

Now yes, we begin to configure the account of our client. To do this we go to settings, clicking on the icon on the right.

First we choose the profile photo, which in our case is the Pavilion in Burgundy logo. Then, we add the name that represents them and a short description of the brand.

We also add the customer’s website, account username, email address, phone number, and store address.

Pavilion in Burgundy has its own physical store at Calle de San Lorenzo 10 Local H-I, in Fuenlabrada and, in addition, it is a company that treats its customers closely, therefore, many procedures, promotions and information are shared with customers. customers by WhatsApp, that’s why we add the phone number 688 01 88 27 to the profile information.

Within the account configuration section, we choose 3 objectives that we want to achieve for the client if we use this application:

  1. Generate more leads for the business.
  2. Drive traffic to the website.
  3. Increase brand recognition.

Within the Connect accounts section, you can connect your Pinterest account with your website in case you want to sell your products from this app. As our client is a clothing wholesaler, it is not convenient for him to sell his products from this application, but we are interested in adding links to the products so that users can visit the Pavilion.es website.

You can also connect it with Etsy, Instagram and YouTube. In our case, the best option for the client is to connect it with their Instagram account.

The rest of the configuration options can remain the same, it would not be necessary to modify anything.

How to create a board and pins

Creating boards and pins is very easy.

First we go to the home page and click on the + in the lower right corner and choose to create a board.

The first board that we have created for our client is called SPECIAL PRICES, since it was one of the categories that we included in the summer on their website.

After you’ve created your first board, it’s time to create the pins that will go inside the board.

Pinterest often gives you ideas or offers pre-made pins from other accounts to include on the board you’ve created, but in our case, we skipped that option and started creating our own pins.

Click on the + in the lower left corner and select create Pin:

We add a title and a description to the pin we have created. People will see these created Pins in the home feed, in search, and when they tap on the Pin. It’s also a good idea to add the destination link that people land on when they tap on the Pin.

Then we upload the image or video corresponding to the Pin that we have created, and then we personalize it by cutting, shortening, etc.

Within our Pinterest profile, the pins created and saved appear. If we click on saved, we can see all the pins we have created and the SPECIAL PRICES board:

This summer 2021, we launched for our client the campaign: Dear summer, you taught me that to have everything, you don’t have to give up anything.

This campaign was also accompanied by the summer sales and all Pavilion fashion with discounts of up to 70%.

For this reason, a board with the name of: Dear summer, could not be missing from Pavilion’s Pinterest account.

We repeat the same process that we have commented before, we add a title, a description, the link to the product and its image.

Finally, we return to the feed and we can see all the pins and boards created:

We hope you liked this article as much as we did and tell you about our experience doing this work for our client Pavilion in Burgundy.