The world is full of intrepid people They are the brave ones who launch when others say it can’t be done. The ones who go out to find clients every day, the ones who don’t understand the meaning of “impossible weather”. They’re everywhere. Leading small startups, occupying Manager positions in big companies, taking care of the family business, leading teams from head to heart. For all of them, we’re so much more than an agency.


We make the marketing projects, teaching your entire team how to do them. Our difference is that training will be given to the people while creating the project.


Intrépida can be a strategic partner

A creative idea, a market analysis, a coworker, a teacher and mentor. Like those open view kitchens that allow you to see what’s being cooked, the difference being, we’ll also teach you how to follow the recipe. The recipe to reach your marketing goals.

How do we do it?


Analytics improvement points.


Getting involved with our clients from day one, working side by side..


We create distinguishing messages from creative ideas.


Identifying opportunities within your sector.


Qualifying teams through mentoring sessions, so they become authors of their own growth.


We develop your brand to take to the next level.

What do we achieve?


Uniting our teams to pursue together the same goal..


Creating a trustful environment because we all know how much effort a marketing project takes.


Getting the client to have more knowledge about their business.


Improving the results of every action we take.

Do you want to find out what we can do for you??

These are our services:

Brand creation – branding process:

  • Creative territory (creative concept)
  • Visual Identity (Logo, icons, photographic style, fonts and typography…)
  • Verbal Identity and main brand messages
  • Other corporate aspects: music, scent, video…

Auditing, analysis and market research

  • Auditing, analysis and market research:
  • Quality and quantity market studies.

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy.
  • Product launching.
  • Pricing and supply chain strategies.
  • Marketing communications plan.
  • 360 campaigns.
  • Content and inbound marketing.
  • E-Business.



  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce strategies
  • Campaign landing pages
  • UX (web user experience)
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Emailing campaigns
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality: digital signage (totems, holograms, tactile tables…) and digital marketing (magnetic levitation, overhead projection screens, digital menu, digital brochures)


  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Vídeo
  • Podcasting


  • Flyers, catalogs, posters

  • Signage and point of sale publicity

  • Merchandising (corporate presents and promotional items)

  • Radio

Do you have any doubts? Write us down or call us and we personally explain Intrépida’s methodology. 

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