We are back from our vacation with our batteries charged, but in difficult times, let’s face it!
You must be clear about how to make a marketing plan and know where you are going. And if it’s too overwhelming, we can help you.

Aren’t you going to make a marketing plan? Are we crazy or what?

Us intrepids are crazy, but not as much as to try and launch our businesses and brands without previously designing a marketing plan. But of course, we understand that making a plan is a real struggle if we want to have it perfectly finished and get Mr. Kotler’s blessing. n the end, we end up abandoning that gigantic blueprint that we could find on the city’s website. And the blueprints we see around are fine and, I wish they were launched, but things are now going faster and more practical.

You need something that is never bound up because that is never reviewed again. We need a system that works, that we can edit, add, remove, that is alive, that we want to update. In the end, all this has to be wanted because if not, neither the plan nor the business works. Things are to be done with a driving force.

Us at Intrepida have a “super” system that works and is reflected in a simple pdf and an Excel. The truth is that we are little of artifice and more about contributing. We are more like truffles served on an ordinary plate…

We are certain that if you do not analyze the market or the company you’re going nowhere because you go in weak to compete, you don’t know with whom, in a market that you don’t have ni flowers and on top of offering your products and services to people who do not understand or understand you. And that’s a dead man walking’s tale…

Our customers know that, when mentoring begins, they will work hard to REALLY know their market, the audience of their ecosystem and their buyer’s persona.

If you want to start the mentoring, let us know

They do everything by researching off-line and online life. That is, if you need to go as mystery shopper to the competition you do it, if you have to do customer surveys you do that, if you have to monitor the social media of the target you do that too. You don’t drop the ball. Everything that must be done within the limits of legality, it is done.

You also have to know how we work inside, we’re critical, analyze ourselves and extract the improvement and reinforcement points we need.

And when we have completed this task of research and analysis, we can produce the objectives, and finally, we know where to go. As I’m sure you got plenty of goals, please don’t get high blood pressure, that’s why deadlines and timelines exist. Because objectives have to be specified, otherwise, I could even say that I want to be a top model, better not to leave any ideas unsaid… Well, since I already started, I want to become a Versace model in 5 years. Not sure about that! But I already have a deadline and timeline…

And now that I’m all fired up, I want to tell you that the fun part of the strategy comes now, for which you have to have a certain knowledge, which of course we share with you in our mentoring sessions. We will have to design competitive, positioning, segmentation strategies to move on to design them within each area or marketing policy (product, price, distribution, communication, customer, people, physical evidence …).

Depending on whether your project is more or less complex or your particular goals, for example we may want to become international. We will contemplate the various thresholds and set the appropriate strategy to achieve them. We will select the easiest, most economical (effective and efficient) strategies we can implement to meet them and reach the final goal at a given time.

And to launch that strategy we use those means and implement the necessary actions. If we don’t find necessary that we make distinctions between off and on because in the end all the ingredients are used, only in their right measure. The fact is to know what that fair measure is and that’s why we are here for. You may be making the plan yourself, but we are advising and training you, so everything you propose can be reviewed by the professionals who are part of Intrépida.

I know that this is very summarized and maybe you thought we were going to give you a pdf of “the best guide to make a marketing plan” pasting your data but no, the truth is that if you feel like it, without any commitment, you can contact us and we ca arrange a conference call – informal but formal – in which we will explain live – how we will do the real deal. We anticipate that, although you have to work a lot, it is a lot of fun and most importantly, it is THE KEY TO SUCCESS. I’m telling you, I’ve seen many businesses succeed and I know why they’ve succeeded.

Beatriz Padilla, CEO of Intrépida