WhatsApp Business has become the most attractive marketing channel, because it allows Businesses to interact with clients in an efficient manner.

Its immediacy and close nature helps promote client loyalty and strengthen the relationship on the long term.

Thanks to this App, Businesses can interact with their clients in an efficient way, using tools to automate, arrange and answer messages.

It’s crucial to build an attractive Brand character so people get involved and get a person from the Company to administer and manage communications, will make clients feel they’re talking to a person instead of a bot.

Advantages of using WhatsApp Business

  • Immediacy in communications.
  • Easy contact template creation.
  • Thanks to WhatsApp Business statistics we learn everything about the messages we send.
  • Contact managing versatility.
  • Provide Brand relevance and positioning.
  • Generate closeness and bonding with the user.
  • Low cost.
  • You can create a Business profile through a land line.

How to link WhatsApp Business to your Facebook Page

In our Facebook page, click on Configuration.
Then we click on Page Information.
We write down our telephone number.