Aplication for supliers

Beatriz and Natividad are the creators of this App for searching professionals workers, finalist in the best App category of the Environet 2022 of Sevilla.
ToPro is an App that make it easy the search and contact of proffesionals services, and for the professionals workers it is a platform to offer their services and connect with their clients.

It is available for download from the Play Store and the App Store.


Intrépida has contributed to the expansion and increase of downloads and interaction through:


  • Mentoring to conduct market research within the market research landscape.
  • Service and job search apps.
  • Mentoring for the design of the communicational marketing plan, for making the final decision in the media plan for the actions that rationally, we analyze as profitable.
  • Development and implementation of actions: SEM campaigns (on Meta and Google), SEO for Apps, social media management, events, etc.