Marta Vega, Head of Marketing Maxon Motor Ibérica.

Small and medium sized companies face many daily challenges against the big corporations competition and our own direct competitors.

How do we face those challenges from a marketing standpoint?

Because our budget and resources are limited, this could lead to a “‘do it yourself” mentality but nothing could be further from the truth.

Precisely because of that scarcity of resources, we must focus on what we really know how to do and choose the best collaborator to help us develop, implement and monitor the promotional strategies we need to sell more, to position ourselves… That’s where the time comes to select the strategic marketing agency that speaks our same language.

SMEs flee from agencies that make a generic recipe for all their clients thinking that with it, we achieve our main objectives, and they take for granted a job that is still mediocre no matter how reputable the agency is. SMEs need a “tailor-made” job. We need our strategic marketing agency to put on our shoes, walk with us and then help us achieve our goals.
Although many of us have marketing knowledge within SMEs, these are not enough or are not up-to-date enough to win the battle in the market.

If implementing offline marketing tools and actions was already an effort for us, digital marketing tools are a real challenge. We cannot ignore that social media platforms are the new way to publicize the company within the sector but we must be careful in choosing them to achieve the greatest possible impact. The fact is that digital marketing is essential to reach customers these days, especially since the vast majority of initial interactions will occur digitally.

Therefore, the best solution to the challenges at hand by SMEs is to hire a strategic agency that can manage all marketing tasks so that we can focus on the management of the company.

We could conclude with the 5 main reasons to partner with a strategic marketing agency.

  1. Agencies focus on analyzing potential clients and improving our visibility; what I would call “be more findable.”
  2. With an agency, you have real experts on your side.
  3. It is undoubtedly more profitable than devoting your resources to trying to be like an agency.
  4. Marketing agencies have knowledge and successful experiences that can help us.
  5. Marketing agencies are true partners for our success.

For all this, the best option I have found is to choose Intrepida as our agency.

Marta Vega, Head of Marketing Maxon Motor Ibérica.

At Intrépida we do strategic marketing, we look for the best solutions… We adapt to your company!