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clínica martínez wallin

Well Being

A wide specialties medical clinic in Tenerife (Canary Islands) that has the professional prestige of sisters Ingrid and Carlota, gynecologist and odontologist respectively. We delivered rebranding and SEO management for this Clinic, which creative territory is the entire well being of the patient and that’s why their slogan is “Well Being”.

After the market research, we contributed to put the focus on the magnificent curriculum of this team of specialists. An avant-garde clinic in technology in which the patient is addressed by first name, reflected in the campaign as “Trust”.

A Global work produced 4 years ago in Santa Cruz de Tenerife with the purpose of positioning the brand with all its attributes of professionalism and seriousness and a warm, close personal attention to the patient.


Having Clínica Martínez Wallin amongst our clients enriches us so much, because it is a young Company, consolidated and prestigious. We love to surround ourselves with the good ones.